• Spun bond fabric + Spun bond fabric = two-layered fiber web hot rolled.
  • SS is made by hot rolling of two layers of fiber mesh.
  • A double layer composite spun bond nonwoven fabric.


  • SS nonwoven fabrics are mostly used in sanitary materials.
  • It can be treated to become more rigid and suitable for packaging material.
  • It is used in a variety of applications, like health, medical, hygiene, packaging, agriculture, furniture, garments etc.


  • SS nonwoven fabric is skin-friendly because it is soft and consists of many fine fibers.
  • It has strong air permeability.
  • Availability in different colors.
  • Sunlight, stain and soil resistant.


  • It is non-toxic, and tasteless, and has high efficiency isolation.
  • It is a non-irritating, non-toxic product that meets the requirements of food-grade raw materials.
  • Good uniformity and high strength.


  • We can customize the type, color, gram weight, width, pattern, roll length and other parameters according to the customer's needs.

Impact of Usage

  • Environment friendly material.
  • Finished product does not affect sensitive skin.