Face Mask


To filter and protect the air you are breathing in Master Nonwoven manufactures quality face masks. High quality spun-bonded nonwoven fabric helps in filtering the dust particles, bacteria, viruses, and other infectious materials from the air you are inhaling and prevent you from several health problems. The masks are created with great precision to provide a health-friendly and comfortable user experience.

Master Nonwoven’s special 3 layered masks fit well to every face providing several customization options so that users can adjust it according to their needs.

Available Colors






Length = 17.5cm

Width = 9.5cm

Features & Applications

3 layered mask, 60 GSM

Exceptional dust protection

Suitable for people having asthma

Quality breathable material

Comfortable to wear

Prepared with ultrasonic stitching

Round elastic for comfortability and support

Ultrasonic welded ear loops

Controlled pH value to prevent skin problems