Master Group of Industries; a story of heritage and legacy. One of the oldest and most trusted brands of Pakistan for over half a century.

Master Group was established in 1963 and started its operations in the mattress industry, with a modern and realistic approach towards growth through innovative technology and manufacturing quality products. Since then, the group has expanded into the textile, furniture, automotive, engineering and renewable energy sectors.


Founded in 2002, Master Nonwoven is the first manufacturer of nonwoven fabric in Pakistan. Our products are manufactured by utilizing advanced techniques and methodologies as per the specified guidelines and standards of the industry.

At Master Nonwoven Fabric, we keep changing our methodology according to the needs and requirements of the market and our customers, with a very close eye on maintaining high quality. By nurturing our modern facilities and drawing proficiency, Master Nonwoven has the competence to produce a variety of nonwoven fabrics – Master Spunbond (Nonwoven) 100% Polypropylene Fabric, is currently the most important part for packing/packaging of the products in wide range.



What makes Master Nonwoven Fabric distinctive?


To filter and protect the air you are breathing in Master Nonwoven manufactures quality face masks. High quality spun-bonded nonwoven fabric helps in filtering the dust particles, bacteria, viruses, and other infectious materials from the air you are inhaling and prevent you from several health problems. The masks are created with great precision to provide a health-friendly and comfortable user experience.

Master Nonwoven’s special 3 layered masks fit well to every face providing several customization options so that users can adjust it according to their needs.

Available colors:

  • Green
  • Blue


Length = 17.5cm

Width = 9.5cm

Features and Applications:

  • 3 layered mask, 60 GSM
  • Exceptional dust protection
  • Suitable for people having asthma
  • Quality breathable material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Prepared with ultrasonic stitching
  • Round elastic for comfortability and support
  • Ultrasonic welded ear loops
  • Controlled pH value to prevent skin problems

Master Nonwoven presents 100% polypropylene PPE suits of 80-GSM that provide protection against dust particles and other health hazardous material. Besides its extensive use in the healthcare industry its liquid resistance properties also make it a suitable fit for workers of several other fields. The puncture-resistant weightless sharp surface with controlled pH value and strong stitching makes it a suitable protective kit for all the industries.

Each of Master Nonwoven suits offers protection of superior levels against the liquids, chemicals, dust, and other dry particles. Breathability, ease of use, low percentage linting, and abrasion makes our PPE suits a robust solution for the controlled environments.

Features and Applications:

  • 100% polypropylene
  • Medical grade nonwoven spun-bonded
  • Comfortable zipper design with flap cover
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Provides protection against liquids and chemicals
  • Prevent from dust and infectious materials
  • A reliable barrier against liquid sprays
  • Puncture resistant
  • Provides durability with polyester nylon thread stitches
  • One size that fits all

Easy to wear gowns prepared with Master’s special PE laminated non-woven fabric form an ultimate safety kit. The fabric is created by spraying raw PE uniformly on PP Spunbond fabric providing exceptional water and pressure resistance. The quality suit produced by Master Nonwoven puts up a great fight against the minute dust particles, infectious diseases, moisture, and chemicals. PE laminated Spunbond fabric wide uses are also employed in carpet backing, disposable products, and geotextiles. The fiber and fabric production together makes the process generally economical compared to the staple fiber technique previously used to manufacture nonwoven fabric.

Features and Applications:

  • Disposable full-body coverall suit 60-GSM
  • Strong stitching with polyester nylon thread
  • Easy to wear and remove with its handy zipper design
  • Level-3 Water Resistance: Hydrostatic resistance
  • Level-3 Water Resistance: Impact penetration
  • Dustproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • Act as an exceptional barrier between high-pressure liquid sprays
  • Controlled pH for human body usage
  • Protects from minute dust particles infectious diseases
  • Widely utilized in the healthcare industry
  • Comes with flap covers