• Spun bond fabric + Melt blown fabric + Spun bond fabric = three-layered fiber.
  • The structure features allow the upper layer to absorb moisture and help it by maintaining air permeability.
  • SMS nonwoven is a composite nonwoven fabric, which is a spun bond and melt blowing composite product.


  • Excellent blood, alcohol, water repellency.
  • High strength, good filtration, without adhesive, non-toxic etc.
  • Its distinctive feature is the presence of melt blown material between two layers of spun bond.
  • These fabrics can be treated by special process including repellency, anti-static, absorbent, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, UV resistant, fragrance treatment etc.


  • Health, disposable products, industrial use, advertising and digital printing.
  • Widely used in the production of hygiene products, disposable towels, wipes etc.
  • Used in medicine in the production of bed linen, protective clothing, surgical masks.


  • The melt blown layer increase antibacterial properties of SMS from seven to ten times than traditional spun bond.
  • Availability in different colors.

Impact of Usage

  • Environment friendly material.


  • We could customize the type, color, gram weight, width, pattern, roll length and other parameters according to the customer's needs.